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Why the Purple Project?

Sherry and Joe Ancich were told that they weren't allowed to wear anything with their daughter Alisha's picture on it during her and her unborn baby's murder trial. In response to that, Sherry wore a purple dress, Alisha's favorite color, to the arraignment. After that, she wore purple to every motion hearing and trial as a declaration of love for her daughter. She even wore purple shoes. Word spread quickly and  family members and friends began wearing purple to court, too. Alisha's presence was palpable. 


What began as a way of honoring their daughter at a heart wrenching time, has grown into the Purple Project. Putting their energy into doing good works in memory of their daughter and granddaughter, is what keeps Sherry and Joe going. They are making sure that through the Purple Project, Alisha's open and caring heart continues to be shared with the world. Her light is too bright to be extinguished.

2016 Night of Hope

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