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Night of Hope

Every year The Purple Project sponsors a "Night of Hope."

It's a free event to support and uplift the community

in honor of Alisha and Ava Lucille. 

2023 Night of Hope

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In 2016, the "Night of Hope" welcomed New York Times best selling author Dr. Mary Neal. She shared her extraordinary experience of dying in a kayak accident, and returning to life documented in her book, To Heaven and Back.

2016 Night of Hope

In 2015, our first "Night of Hope" featured two kenote speakers. Author, Scarlett Lewis shared her story of coming to terms with the loss of her son, Jesse, in the shootings at Sandy Hook. Her inspiring book, Nurturing Healing Love: A Mother's Journey of Hope and Forgiveness chronicals her journey from despair to hope.

Benjamen Scott Allen was also there to talk about his book, Out of the Ashes: Healing in the Afterloss. Filled with hope, the author shares his journey through the death of his wife and two sons to the same devastating illness. 

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